Hola! I’m Esti, a Product Designer with over 10 years of experience in digital.

Passionate about my work, proactive and a team player, I love to be challenged when coming across design problems, solving them is my passion. I understand that each channel, device and service requires a different communication type and design language. Overall my background encompasses the entirety of the digital design environment, having worked on everything from software, web, apps to advertising campaigns. This experience has provided me with the expertise and tools to confront all kinds of digital challenges through creative and usable solutions.

I have experience managing in-house talent and external agencies and I am used to execute various projects simultaneously.
For the past years I have worked both for big companies and startups but working for startups is what I lately enjoy the most: helping them develop the product strategy and UX,  as well as the visual part. Product design throughout.

For hires, please fill in the form below, email me on hello@estibalizlanda.com or check me out in Linkedin.