Music Demo Self Service for small businesses – Ambie Music

On-boarding for small businesses


Ambie is a music service run by a team of music experts delivering music tailored to the business brands and spaces all over the world.

Ambie deals with different client sizes: from small one-site boutique businesses to big retailers with hundreds of stores.

PROBLEM: The time spent on-boarding each client wasn’t proportional to the revenue generated. Objective

  1. Allow curators to invest their time more effectively,  in cost worthy clients (chains and multi-site businesses)
  2. Minimise the number of users that didn’t hire the service after the trial.
  3. Decrease the barriers to entry.

SOLUTION: Create an easy 5 step On-boarding questionnaire for small businesses to access a quick product demo themselves before hiring the service.

Business owners can have a small taste of what Ambie can do for them without having to make a call and spend time with the curators back and forth, quick and easy to use, with no strings. Once the initial playlist demo was served they can provide feedback and speak to curators to fine tune it and have a free month for trial.


April 25, 2018