Ambie Music Player & Management Hub

Ambie is a music service run by a team of music experts delivering music tailored to business brands and spaces all over the world.

Ambie deals with different client sizes: from small one-site boutique businesses to big retailers with hundreds of stores.


  1. The digital experience was scattered, broken and not usable for multi-site businesses as each user had a different login and URL to access.
  2. The calendar was very granular and difficult to manage: each change had to be done per day and repeated over and over again, music player had no permissions so business owners had to choose between giving full access to staff or none at all.
  3. This issue created many issues as the staff couldn’t micro manage music on site, so skip a track or change a playlist to match a changing trading pattern.


  1. Product strategy: create an scalable and minimal digital product ecosystem informed by all type of user needs.
  2. Create user types and permissions logic.
  3. Create a adaptable single platform to encompass all user’s needs, managing permissions.
  4. Give at a glance information for business owners of what’s playing in each site and allow them to make changes on the go.
  5. Collect micro-feedback on site through the music player and allow business owners to provide bigger feedback directly to the curators from the Hub.


I developed this work working closely with the key stake holders : The CEO and CTO and developing the final product in collaboration with developers in London and Madrid and Hungary.

  • Competition benchmark
  • Customer and in-house team interviews findings
  • Product positioning, strategy roadmap and agile planning
  • Wireframes for both product: Music player and  Hub (Desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • Individual components functionality specs
  • Full UI (Desktop, tablet and mobile/ IOS and Android)
  • Guide document
  • Rebranding coordination and creative direction with external brand designer
  • QA and bug reporting




May 14, 2018