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Digital Spy is focused on entertainment news related to television, movies, music and showbiz to a global audience and in-depth features, reviews and authoritative editorial explainers.
DS now reaches 19 million unique users per month, making it one of the 200 largest websites in the UK.


Migrate all Hearst Uk websites to Media OS, developed by Hearst NY. DS’s nature is very different to Elle, Cosmopolitan or Esquire. Users behaviours therefore different, we didn’t want to alienate them so we planned a step by step migration with lots of testing and feedback gathering from users to evolve the site according to their expectations.

We started by migrating the articles into the new template and gathering users feedback from the old and new article pages, using crazy egg, card sorting and with open form feedback. We also teamed up with the of editors and stakeholders from the commercial team.

The card sorting exercise and in-house workshop shaped the menu, which tested positively as a recirculation component, designed to serve live content, and easily editable by the editors in Media OS CMS.

Soon data showed that DS’s nature, being a very high volume news site, didn’t fit within the standard MediaOS home template: I designed a new first version of the home using this research and insights gathered during that discovery phase and interviewing the editors. 

Once the Media OS home template was replaced by the new home page design, we launched the beta V2 site and proceeded to AB test it versus the old site, which had demonstrated very good performance. 

Old site migrate to Media OS default template > analyse and compare (A / B testing performance) > optimise > Full Redesign


  • Analysis of current DS website
  • Competition benchmark
  • Old site vs new site performance analysis for optimization
  • Wireframes (Desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • Individual components functionality specs
  • Template design (Desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • Guide document
  • Brand refresh (UI, new colour palette and typography)
  • Advertising: placing sizes and behaviour




May 10, 2018