Music Curator’s Global Platform – Ambie Music

Online curation tool for music experts around the world to create and manage music

Music playlist are composed through an algorithm that pipes core channels in different percentages. Each core channel is formed by a mix of loose tracks and energy levels that gradually build to match the business’ trading patterns gradually. With no sudden music increases or beat changes.

PROBLEM: Music curators spend a lot of time on admin, managing the back end manually instead of curating the music or creating new playlists. Tracks reported by clients were manually taken off the system, one by one.

SOLUTION: Create a user friendly music curation tool in which curators around the world can manage, create and publish playlists live and increase customers satisfaction by linking the front end music player to the back end music curation tool.

Creating a strong search experience is been key to the project’s success. It allows curators in teams abroad, that are not so familiar with the existing playlists to find the most suitable music for each business.

Curators now can spend more time on what they do best: fine-tunning the playlist to client’s taste, instead of having to deal with never-ending hours of back end administration.


November 9, 2017